Melissa LeBlanc BSc, MEd

Registered Dietitian

Melissa is a registered dietitian and a food, nutrition and wellness expert and the owner of Everyday Nutrition, a Richmond-area nutrition coaching and consulting business.  Melissa has a special interest in supporting individuals and families balancing busy lives and the challenges of eating well.  Melissa has coached hundreds of individuals, helping them achieve their goals, improve their eating habits and build healthy lifestyles.  She is known for her holistic approach and her ability to translate the science of nutrition into practical information.

In addition to nutrition coaching, Melissa has presented dozens of corporate lunch and learn sessions, she is a tour leader for the Overwaitea Food Group, and has contributed her expertise to popular media sources including:

  • CBC’s The National, Radio-Canada, CKNW Radio, The Richmond News, Chatelaine Magazine online, and Best Health Magazine online, and CHEK TV’s Empowered Health

During her down time, Melissa enjoys running, reading and learning how to golf.  She enjoys exploring the decadence of local farm-fresh food at the farmer’s market and most of all, she loves spending time in the kitchen, where her passion for food began at an early age, in her grandmother’s kitchen:

“My grandmother was always cooking something and with twelve children and thirty grandchildren, she often hosted large gatherings around her table. She would send me to pick fresh tomatoes from her garden, let me chop the vegetables, or stir the soup. She was amazing, she taught me that good food is simple.”

Whether she’s cooking something familiar like a hearty soup or taking a crack at something new like making artisan bread, you can follow Melissa’s food adventures on her blog.

Melissa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food, Nutrition and Health with a major in Dietetics as well as a Master of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change from the University of British Columbia.  She is registered with the College of Dietitians of BC, and a member of Dietitians of Canada.

All Content © Everyday Nutrition, All rights reserved.
All Content © Everyday Nutrition, All rights reserved.